Fidelity Capital for over a decade has provided financing solutions to companies ranging from startup medical practices, high growth tech and biotech firms, and Fortune 500 companies.

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We serve a wide variety of industries. Our primary focus is in the following markets: Technology, Biotechnology, Medical, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and Entertainment.

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Equipment Financing &aamp; Equipment Leasing Transactions:

  • Hospital – $300,000 Imaging Equipment
  • Radiology Provider – $500,000 EMR Solution
  • Hosting Company – $1,000,000 Storage and Servers
  • Refiner – $1,500,000 Process Equipment
  • Food Manufacturer – $350,000 Bottling Equipment

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Equipment Financing & Leasing

  • Wish List Upload – Upload your current Capital Budget.
  • Invoice Upload – Do you have an outstanding invoice you need paid
  • Direct Lender – Equipment Financing & Equipment Leasing
  • Leasing & Financing Approvals within 2 hours
  • $500,000.00 Application Only Program

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