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Construction Equipment Financing

When you need to add some construction equipment to your company’s inventory and intend for that equipment to last you for years to come, then you need a construction equipment financing deal that gives you the best savings potential possible.

At Fidelity Capital, we have significant experience in financing equipment for clients in the construction industry. Our responsive team works closely with you to make sure that we can fulfill your equipment needs in a way that fits within your budget and preserves your cash flow.

Why should I finance construction equipment?

There are certain benefits of choosing to finance your construction equipment, including:

  • Ownership. Most construction equipment doesn’t become outdated very quickly, so it’s more beneficial to be an owner of the equipment in the long run since you don’t need to worry as much about depreciating value.
  • Save money. Because there’s no concern about depreciation of value, you actually save money in the long run through financing versus leasing because you continue to use the equipment for many years after you finish making payments.

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