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The Benefits of Leasing Medical Equipment

Many healthcare organizations put off getting the most up-to-date medical equipment that they need, because the price of purchasing that equipment is simply too high. This has been a particularly significant issue in recent years, thanks to the economic downturn. However, equipment leasing may be the best answer for your medical organization. It allows many […]

Emerging Technologies & Their Impact on Businesses

If you run your own small business, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge of technology to take advantage of opportunities to become more efficient and keep yourself ahead of the competition. Doing so gives you much greater adaptability and flexibility with your business, which is especially important if your company is just getting […]

The Wide-Reaching Benefits of Business Equipment Leasing

Which is better: buying or leasing equipment? This is a question many entrepreneurs and business owners struggle with on a regular basis, and unfortunately there’s no “one size fits all” answer. The ultimate choice you make will depend on the size of your business, your specific equipment needs and the amount of capital you have […]

Choosing the Right Capital Equipment Financing Provider

It’s important for your company to get the most up-to-date equipment possible so that you can stay ahead of the technological curve. To accomplish this, you should consider financing your equipment through a leasing agency. Leasing your equipment comes with a variety of benefits. The most notable is that you can save a significant amount […]

Benefits of IT Financing

In 2010, IT spending sharply increased as businesses emerged from the recession. Forrester Research and other technology research specialists, such as Gartner, agree that the key to sustained growth in the emerging economy is through increased IT investment, which is the primary reason for the growth in the IT market. Companies that commit to investing […]

Network Security Concerns

Lately we have seen a influx of articles talking about security breaches on small to medium size companies. As a finance company Fidelity Capital will assist companies with purchasing hardware and software to stop breaches on their corporate networks. Allowing the companies to get back to work and not worry about spending hard earned capital […]