Fidelity Capital Continues to Grow its High-Quality Service Offerings
The last several years have seen significant growth in the equipment leasing and financing field across a wide variety of industries, and we at Fidelity Capital are proud to continue to be on the leading edge of providing high-quality capital services to businesses of all types and sizes.
Here is just a sampling of the areas in which we are pleased offer our assistance.

Equipment leasing and soft costs
You can generally expect equipment purchase invoices to ask for installation, freight, training and other costs not considered when financing or leasing equipment. Under our current programs we have for equipment leasing and financing, we’re able to include those costs on the financing with no issues.

Software as a service (SAAS)
Cloud computing continues to rapidly grow in usage and popularity for businesses of all types. As such, it is our constant goal at Fidelity Capital to stay at the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of companies that are moving their data and certain operations to the cloud. We allow companies to finance their SAAS costs fully over the term of the license. We’ve worked with companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, Adobe, Sugar CRM, SAP, IBM, Net Suite and more to provide their services to companies in need of cloud computing and hosting services.

Working capital
Over the years, the leasing and financing industry has opened up to working capital loans, which once were only offered through local banks or larger banking institutions. With new approaches available, we’re able to secure the working capital with unencumbered equipment our customers already own. By collateralizing their equipment, our customers are able to cash out their investments for a short-term cash infusion.

Sales lease backs
We are pleased to offer companies the option to sell their recently purchased equipment back to us. This option is especially popular with customers that had second thoughts about the amount of money that would be required to purchase the equipment. Typically this process must be done within a 90-day window after purchasing, and customers will need to submit a proof of purchase and invoices to be eligible for the sales lease back programs we offer.

Is your company considering purchasing new equipment or SAAS products? If so, we strongly encourage you to consider the benefits that financing this new purchase could provide to your company. With such a significant purchase, it’s important to plan out the expense before you commit so much capital to it.