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Asset Disposal

Buying new systems and wondering what to do with the old ones? Safely and securely dispose your outdated IT Assets. Fidelity Capital is a leader in IT Asset Disposition. We provide the total package: Information Security, Green Recycling and Maximizing your Return on Investment.

Information Security:

We provide your choice of Hard Drive Wiping, Shredding and Degaussing Services. Fidelity recommends hard drive wiping for the fact you will capture a higher return on your old IT equipment. Our processes securely remove your information to Department of Defense or NIST Standards. Each and every sector of your drive is wiped with a random sequence of numbers. Non-functioning drives cannot be wiped and must be shred in order to properly destroy the information. At end of process we provide Certificate of Completion down to the Serial Number of each hard drive.

Green Processes:

E-Waste is an epidemic. While electronics truly only make up 2% of our landfills, they account for 70% of the toxicity. We as Corporate America must take a stand and properly dispose our old IT equipment. Our policy is simple. No Landfills. No Waste Exported. No Incineration. Every piece of equipment is refurbished or recycled in a green manner. Ideally we refurbish to provide a second life to your old assets.

Maximize your ROI:

Don’t settle for scrap. Recycling is great but refurbishing is better. If we can deploy manpower to refurbish equipment before recycling, then we can maximize your return investment with higher resale values and create jobs. It is a win-win. Our team of technicians breaks down each computer asset to the components inside and understand the parts value as well as the systems value. One important ingredient to finding the best return.