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Manufacturing Equipment Leasing

There are many different types of manufacturing industries and businesses, but every single one of them requires high-quality equipment to ensure smooth processes and the safe, efficient production of goods. Companies that fail to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies needed for manufacturing success can quickly fall behind the curve.

To stay on the cutting edge, your best option is leasing manufacturing equipment through Fidelity Capital. Rather than paying full price for equipment and risk a financial burden that will keep you from being able to upgrade in the future, pay for that equipment as you use it and easily upgrade when the time is right for your business.

Why should I lease manufacturing equipment:

In addition to the upgrade flexibility that leasing manufacturing equipment provides to your business, it also gives you the following benefits:

  • Savings. Paying full price for manufacturing equipment is extremely expensive. Lease the equipment you need instead of committing thousands more into making your purchase so that you have the ability to put money into other important areas of your budget.
  • Tax deductible There are Section 179 tax deductions that apply to businesses that lease their equipment. Investigate how these deductions could impact your business.
  • Speed. When you choose to lease the equipment, you don’t have to save up as much money to make a huge down payment, which means you can get the equipment basically as soon as you need it. This is a great advantage to your business, especially if you are trying to jumpstart your business or rapidly expand your operations.

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