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Business Equipment Leasing

Business Equipment Leasing

Businesses have a wide variety of equipment needs they need to stay on top of to run at peak efficiency. In some cases, however, purchasing that equipment might not make financial sense, especially for smaller companies without the cash flow of major corporations. If your business is in this situation, consider leasing your equipment instead.

At Fidelity Capital, our team works closely with you to develop simple and affordable leasing arrangements for all of your business equipment needs. These services can be of great use for companies looking for new furniture, computers, devices and any other types of equipment commonly used in an office or business setting.

Why should I lease business equipment?

There are a number of inherent benefits to leasing your business equipment rather than financing it. These include:

  • Saving money. If the kind of equipment you are looking for tends to get outdated or obsolete quickly, it makes more sense to lease so you don’t get stuck paying full price for equipment you will only use for a short period of time.
  • Easily upgradeable. Whenever you’re ready to upgrade the equipment or increase the amount of equipment you’re leasing, all you need to do is modify the terms of the lease and make any necessary equipment exchanges. It’s a simple process.
  • Budget flexibility. With the savings you get from leasing, you can put your extra money toward other important areas of your company that need some additional funding.

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If you are interested in leasing equipment for your business and have some additional questions about our services, we encourage you to contact us today. Our team is happy to provide you with further information.