Fidelity Capital Releases its End of Year Review for 2019

Company sees major growth throughout 2019, prepared for continued success in 2020 

Irvine, Cal. — Fidelity Capital, a leading provider of a wide variety of lending services, released its End of Year Review for 2019, providing an overview of the company’s successes and growth of the last calendar year.

After a slow start to the year, Fidelity Capital picked up the pace and by the end of the first quarter, managing to secure more than $100 million in equipment leases for companies across the United States. The company expects its equipment leasing services to continue to produce strong numbers in 2020.

“It’s not at all unusual for the year to start off a bit slow in the leasing industry,” said Alan Eppstein, Account Executive at Fidelity Capital. “But that slow period did not last for long. It often takes a bit of time after the holidays for businesses to evaluate their equipment needs and begin to budget for the year.  Once the rush began this year, the pace stayed brisk for the rest of the 2019.”

Fidelity Capital saw particularly strong growth in the manufacturing industry in 2019, as well as strong growth in the biotech industry, a field that continues to grow each year.

The technology sector always produces strong leasing figures and is constantly changing with brand new innovations and products. Companies must stay up to date in the field of technology to compete in the global economy. Cloud computing continues to be a particularly important aspect of the technology sector. Fidelity Capital developed products that better support financing and leasing for the constantly evolving sector of cloud computing.

Finally, the leasing and financing for medical equipment has been steady, but had lower numbers this year compared to 2018. The company predicts this sector will grow once again in 2020.

“This was a milestone year for us,” said Eppstein. “We’ve now completed 20 years of service to our clients around the United States, and we aim to continue to serve our clients for many more years to come. We’re looking forward to what the new decade brings for our company!”
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