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Technology Equipment Leasing

Having access to the latest technology can be an outstanding way to increase the efficiency of your business and to maximize its potential. Equipment like computers, laptops, smartphones, servers and databases, tablets, routers, networking equipment, copiers, printers and more are all tools that businesses of all sizes can use to streamline their processes and provide better service to their customers.

However, purchasing all of that equipment can quickly run up quite a tab for your company. For small and medium sized businesses especially, it can be quite realistic to get all of the equipment you need at a price you can afford. If this is true for your business, then leasing your technology equipment may be the best option for you.

Fidelity Capital is pleased to provide technology equipment leasing services to business clients of all types and sizes.

Why should I lease technology equipment?

There are a variety of benefits inherent with leasing your technology equipment. These include:

  • Big savings. Purchasing computers and other hardware is extremely expensive. For businesses that require the latest technology to stay ahead of the curve, this makes it almost impossible to upgrade regularly. Leasing equipment allows you to pay as you use the equipment, meaning you can avoid taking the budget hit that comes with a full purchase and allowing you to have the flexibility to upgrade whenever you want. It even counts as a tax deduction under Section 179.
  • Hi-tech business operations. For small businesses, it’s almost impossible to get all of the equipment you need right off the bat if you intend to purchase it. While you’re still probably going to be operating on a limited budget (especially as a startup), leasing does give you much more wiggle room to be able to provide your company with the technology resources you need to have hi-tech, modernized operations.
  • Budget flexibility. With the money left over that you save from not purchasing your equipment, you can either place it in other important areas of your budget or simply start building up a savings.

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If you have any additional questions about the kinds of equipment you can lease or the processes you must go through to get that equipment, please feel free to contact us today at Fidelity Capital. We have a team of friendly leasing professionals on hand eager to answer any questions you have.

Technology Equipment Leasing:

  • Desktop Computer Eqiupment Leasing
  • Laptop Computer Equipment Leasing
  • Laser Printer Equipment Leasing
  • Server Equipment Leasing
  • Router Equipment Leasing
  • Switch Equipment Leasing
  • Storage Equipment Leasing
  • Software Leasing