Fidelity Capital Sees Strong First Quarter to Start 2019

Influx of deals from certain markets gets firm’s year off to hot start
Irvine, Cal. — Fidelity Capital, a leading provider of a wide variety of lending services, announced a strong start to the year in the form of a busy first quarter. The firm saw a significant influx of new deals from the medical, technology and manufacturing markets to start off the year. The firm also noted that the start of 2019 has seen the markets open up the credit windows in a big way. The ratio for approvals for financing through Fidelity Capital have increased drastically. “It’s been a great start to the year for us at Fidelity Capital,” said Alan Eppstein, Account Executive at the firm. “We are well positioned for significant growth for the rest of the year and a big burst of new businesses coming our way for their financing needs. We’re very pleased with the work we’ve had to start the year and the outlook for the rest of 2019.” While much of Fidelity Capital’s leasing work is for business equipment, the services the company offers are significantly broader than that. The company’s product line also includes project financing and software financing, and its portfolio is constantly growing with brand new financing opportunities for businesses in all types of industries. The success and growth of the business is also further reflected in this being the company’s 20-year anniversary. Fidelity Capital released the following “president’s message” in honor of its 20th anniversary. “April will mark 20 years in business for Fidelity Capital. We would like to keep helping our customers for the next 20 years! We’ve watched a client grow from a two-man operation to a company with more than 200 employees, which shows the commitment and benefit we have to our clients. We hope to assist in creating many more of these successes in the years to come.”