First Quarter Shows Leasing and Financing Remains Effective Way to Stay Ahead of Competition

Fidelity Capital, a leading provider of a wide variety of lending services, released its First Quarter Rundown for the first several months of 2021, with the conclusion that leasing and financing remains an outstanding way to stay ahead of the market.

Fidelity capital has seen major growth in several sectors. In the BioTech area, the company has noticed numerous biotech firms seeking lab and technology equipment. In the tech sector, companies are in need of new, improved workstations for employees who are returning back to the office after spending much of the last year working remotely, as well as new cloud services and subscriptions for all employees, including those working remotely. And in the world of manufacturing, as plants re-open in every state across the nation, Fidelity Capital has seen an uptick in companies requesting leasing or financing for new packaging equipment, CNC machines and more.

“Based on what we’re seeing, it’s clear that the market for leasing and financing is still hot,” said Alan Eppstein, Account Executive for Fidelity Capital. “Companies are seeing an uptick in business in all sectors. Those companies that wait for ‘the right time’ to get the equipment they need might miss an opportunity to capture new business, so it’s important to take advantage of the market now as it begins climbing out of the depths we saw in 2020 with the pandemic.”

Fidelity Capital also released its projections for the rest of 2021 as part of its first quarter review. The company believes 2021 will be one of its biggest years to date in its 21 years of operation, as many companies see exponential growth with businesses reopening all over the nation.

“Our goal is to keep your company ahead of the competition,” said Eppstein. “It’s so important to take advantage of these opportunities to capture new business before competitors do. We’re looking forward to helping our clients grow their businesses this year and beyond.”