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Help Businesses with Year-End Leasing, Financing Tax Deductions

Fidelity Capital to Help Businesses with Year-End Leasing, Financing Tax Deductions

Wide range of services offers small businesses a number of tax benefits

IRVINE, Calif. — Fidelity Capital, a national leader in providing equipment and software financing, has launched its year-end leasing and financing plans to help its clients secure a number of key tax benefits.

With tax season just a few months away, many businesses are looking for new ways to save money and earn more deductions. Because it’s the use of equipment and not the ownership of that equipment that generates revenue, equipment leasing is a proven financial solution to help maximize a company’s growth and profitability.

“As the economy continues to improve, financial markets are opening up and money is circulating again. This means businesses can grow sustainably without having to dip into their cash reserves,” said Alan Eppstein, account executive for Fidelity Capital. “Our firm allows your business to structure a financing or leasing plan tailored specifically to your needs and growth strategy.”

In addition to the beneficial tax deductions, leasing and financing also offers businesses access to the latest technologies and equipment at more affordable rates than is otherwise possible. Companies can arrange to lease or finance their equipment through flexible payment plans, allowing them to secure improved tax treatments and obsolescence protection, while preserving their line of credit. The plans Fidelity Capital provides are available to businesses and organizations across the United States. And with 2013 coming to a close and tax season quickly on its way, the time is now to explore the equipment leasing and financing options available.

“Rather than spending large amount of money on equipment that will quickly depreciate in value, why not invest in your marketing, sales force and administration?” Eppstein said. “When you do, you have constant access to the technology you need, without having to spend money to own equipment that will leave you in a commitment long after it outlives its usefulness to your company.”

Founded in 1999, Fidelity Capital has earned a national reputation for innovation and customer service. Its clients range from small startups to Fortune 500 companies. The firm’s mission is to structure creative solutions for its clients’ needs, whether it’s acquiring new or used equipment or restructuring existing lease lines.

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